Let's Do This Together

Remember when you were preparing for the birth of your first child and went into the nesting phase? It may have been a short phase but you wanted everything to be just right for the new addition to your family…getting the nursery ready, washing the new baby clothes (they were so tiny, right?), and preparing yourself for what you imagined being a mama was all about.     

Flash forward eighteen years, and now you find yourself seeing the nest empty out (if it hasn’t already), and you wonder where time went. Everyone always told you not to blink, but you really didn’t fully get it until they left actually the nest!

So now you’re finding yourself in a place of transition and wonder who you are beyond your role of being a mom. How could you not after so many years of filling that role? Sure, you’re more than a mom but what role do you identify with most?  

With being less than a year away from becoming an empty nester myself, I’m feeling the flood of emotion that comes from knowing how soon it will be here. Just reading over the last sentence has me stopping midstream.  

When asked how I’m doing knowing this is Andrew’s senior year, I could easily say that everything is great, when the truth is I’m feeling uncertain about the future. This definitely falls into the land of the unknown!  

Do you feel this way to? If so, I’m excited to share that I’ve changed the focus of my coaching business to support women through the transition of becoming an empty nester. I want to be there for you so that you don’t have to go on this journey alone.  

It could be so easy to focus on what’s missing, but what if you take the time to focus on you and what lights you up?

Sounds exciting, right?

To go along with my desire to support empty nesters, I have created a six week program called “Beyond The Nest:  Six Weeks To Discovering You.” Let’s face it, you may know that you want to make a change in your life but figuring it out all by yourself can feel daunting.

Another way to find support is to join my Facebook group “The Empty Nest Project with Anne Eppley.” By joining the group, you will get the chance to connect with other women who are also experiencing everything that comes along with this next step in our lives. Let’s make our own sisterhood of support for empty nesters like ourselves to share thoughts, emotions, and a laugh to two.  

If you’re ready to discover what life can be beyond being an empty nester, let’s chat.  

To learn more about my program, check out www.anneeppley.com/workwithme.  Feel free to email me at anne@anneeppley.com with any questions.