Come Join Us For The Fun!

How often do you put so much focus on the small stuff that you miss the point of living? You’re so involved in the details that you don’t see the bigger picture? 

Maybe you were trying to plan a celebration, some time with your kids, or a vacation you would always remember. 

I found myself in this situation recently when I was creating my Facebook group, Time for You with Anne Eppley. My intention with starting this group was to create a community of women to come together for support, inspiration, and fun. 

Although my intention has not changed, I could have easily gotten so hung up on the details like how it was worded or pictures I used that I would have stayed indefinitely in the planning and preparing phase. 

When I stepped back to look at the bigger picture, I could see I wasn’t being of service to anyone if I stayed in that phase for long.  

The good news is that I was able to let go of over-thinking the details (yeah!) and officially launched Time for You with Anne Eppley!

The group is already off to a great start with many people introducing themselves and conversation is already flowing. I’ve already witnessed members supporting one another and the question of how to get through the craziness of May without wine being involved. I know this is going to be a fun group!

Even though the group was launched less than a week ago, I had an eye-opening “aha” moment. With the group being focused around finding time in your life that is just for you, I can see what a good example it sets for our kids (especially our daughters that may be mothers some day!). 

Just imagine if our mother’s shared with us the importance of always taking care of our needs as a way to be there for our families. Life changing, right?

If the idea of being in a supportive community sounds like a good fit, I would love to have you join Time for You with Anne Eppley. 

Come on over to the group, check out the description, and let us know if you want to join in on the fun.

Should you have any questions or want to connect, you can schedule a complimentary discovery session below or reach me at