Beyond The Nest: Six Weeks To Discovering You


You knew this day was coming but it’s still hard to imagine it’s already here…your kids have gone off to start a life beyond the nest.

You wouldn’t want it any other way, but it’s still not easy for you.

You could easily wallow in the emptiness you feel but, wouldn’t it be much more fun to embrace this as a time for you and discovering what lights you up?  What really makes you come alive? 

Sounds exciting, right?

I am here to support you so you don’t have to go on this journey alone!  I will support you in processing your empty nester emotions and help you to see that you are entering an exciting time full of possibilities. 

Nothing is off limits here!

So together we’ll nail down what means the most to you (aka what exciting and fun things you want to bring into your life) and create steps on how to get there. 

No cookie cutter step by step…this program is all about you and what you want.


What you walk away with:

  • Discovering who you are beyond your role of being a mom.
  • Clarity around what’s most important in your life now that every move isn’t governed by soccer practice and track meets.  Is it getting back to hobbies, traveling to exotic destinations, or improving your health and well being?
  • Letting go of things that no longer serve you (guilt, negative thought patterns, comparison, etc.).
  • Becoming more conscious and present in your life so you can stop stressing about all the small things (and making yourself crazy), and focus on what is really important.
  • Embracing this phase of your life as a time for freedom and fun!
  • Learning how to make self-care a non-negotiable part of your life.  Some of the benefits of self-care are better sleep, less stress, greater mental clarity and being able to handle the ups and downs of life without getting thrown for a loop every time.


What’s included:

  • Six weekly 60-minute phone sessions where you’ll have my undivided attention for you to share confidentially and be heard.
  • Tools to help you succeed and empower you on your journey.
  • Laser email support between coaching sessions.
  • Two to three focused action steps between calls to keep you focused on the changes you want to make in your life.
  • Lots of support and accountability throughout the program because who wants to go it alone?!




  • You know that now is your time!  You have been there for your family and put everyone’s needs before yours for a very long time.  But, now it’s time for Y-O-U to get back to discovering how you want spend your time and energy moving forward.

  • You’re passionate about creating a new life for yourself now that you’re an empty nester and have the time to focus on you.

  • You’re ready to honor yourself and all you want.

  • You know that you are the only person who can take responsibility for your life, and YOU are ready to do just that!

  • You’re so done with being in boring routines and feeling guilty when you want to have fun on your terms or do things that you enjoy and interest you.

  • You’re ready to experience new things (maybe things that you’ve only been dreaming about) but you’re not really sure where to start.

  • You know that figuring all of this out on your own feels daunting and has been stopping you.  You’re ready to have someone walk this journey with you! 

Investment:  $698

Learn more about my six week program by scheduling a complimentary discovery session: